kirikkale-izomerizasyon-tesisiThe design, supply, construction and erection services of project have been fulfilled on turnkey lump sum basis by consortium of TEKNOTES and SOFRESID S.A./France. The Provisional Acceptance of the project has been attained in 1997 and the Final Provisional Acceptance in1999. in addition to the complete detailed design and partial basic engin nering, all construction and erection services, alsa the supply of steel structure, static equipments (Heat exchangers,Drums , Adsorbers , Columns ete.), electrical equipment and materials ete. have been carried aut by TEKNOTES. At the piant, the low Octane Number Naphtha is used as raw material and unleaded gasoline is produced as end product.





hydrocraker-tesisiYüksek / alçak basınç proses borulama imalatı ve montajı
Çelik konstrüksiyon imalatı ve montajı
İnşaat işleri Döner ekipman montajı
Elektrik ve enstrümantasyon Refakat hatları imalatı ve montajı
Ex-Proof Tavan Vinci imalat ve montajı
Ekipman Montajı
Rewamp ünitesi imalatı ve montajı
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