Services Provided

teknotes-hizmetler* Project Management for its part

* Construction Management

* Basic and Detail Engineering

* Procurement

* Manufacturing of Steel Structure

* Manufacturing of Ducting System

* Commissioning


AII civil construclion activities

Excavation and backfilling fora total of 2.500.000 cubic meters Substructure and superstructure works fora total of 70.000 cubic meters concrete foundations

Asphalt pavement access roads fora total of 2500 cubic meters lnternal concrete road and pavementfor atotal of 37.000 sq. meters Reinforced Concrete bridge lenghtfor atotal of 50 meters

4 pieces of limestone silos, each capacity 6000 cubic meters (sliding forework system, silo diameter 14 meters, height 36 meters)

Ash disposal area 200.000 cubic meters filing embankment 8 pieces logistics bulding (non-technical buildings)

9000 sq. meters total closed area of buildings

6000 meters service road and open drainage channel

500 meters bored piles diameter 80 centimeters, lenght 12 meters

2 pieces chimney (corten steel) diameter 4,5 meters, height50 meters AII architectural works

Furnishings ofthe buildings


AII Mechanical Erection Works lora total of 42.000 !ons including

Boilers with all accessories Electrostatic precipitars

Turbine And Generator sets with all accessories Rotating machines

Fabricating Equipments

Coal , Ash and Lime Handling Systems Storage Tanks

WaterTreatmentPlants Handling Equipments FOSystems

LP, MP, HP lndoor and Outdoor Piping Fire Fighting and Extinguishing System

Gas Production plants, compressed air plants, auxiliary boiler packages, workshop and laboratories equipments

and other miscellaneous equipments. Steel Structure



Heat and sound lnsulation Cladding



AII Electrical Works including Complete MW/LWSwitchgear System 21 pieces MW/LWTransformers

86.000 meters Cable Tray

700.000 meters Cabling

All lnstrumentation and Control Works Pre-Commissioning

Participating in commissioning and start-up

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